December 6, 2015 bodyscenesboca

Fight Fat With Mushrooms

Traditional Asian medicine have used the EXTRACT from mushrooms for over 2,000 years.

It’s currently being tested on obese mice.

What can mushrooms do for you?

  • PROTECT the body from extreme weight gain.
  • CORRECT metabolic dysfunction.

How well do you know mushrooms?

    • The oldest living mushrooms are found around the famed Stonehenge ruins in England.
    • They are called fairy rings.
    • Many mushrooms, like many plants, grow toward the light.
    • But, scientists do not know HOW they use it.
    • You can make dye by boiling wild mushrooms and dipping cloth in the resulting broth.
    • Mushrooms are beginning to be used to absorb and digest dangerous oils and pesticides.
    • This is called bioremediation.
    • Be careful if you go mushroom hunting.
    • The wrong mushroom can kill you.