Michael’s Body Scenes All Star Member Andrea Weisberg Karsch

Andrea Karsch


A familiar figure at the gym is the lovely Andrea Weisberg Karsch whose ear-to-ear smile never fades. Andrea, 59, has been an MBS member for over 16 years and participates in Spin classes, Vinyasa and Yin yoga and the occasional weight training class.

“I prefer to do my weight work on the gym floor,” she says. “I also frequently do the elliptical for cardio and sometimes the Versaclimber for variety. I love the ambiance at this gym because it’s a little smaller than the big chain facilities and people are very friendly. They aren’t ‘meatheads’ or pretentious.”

Andrea says she’s made several close personal friends from her interactions with other gym members and finds that the overall atmosphere encourages interpersonal relationships.

“The personal trainers at the gym, for example, will often step in and correct my form and I am so grateful for that!” she explains. “Tevvy Washington is always a happy figure on the gym floor and I look forward to seeing him and enjoying the banter.”

Andrea has been training with Beth Sigel for a year and is pleased with her results.

“I can not praise her highly enough. She’s knowledgeable, focused and totally invested in her clients. She’s one of the reasons I would totally recommend this gym because exemplifies the excellence and exceptional talent of the staff.”


Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes All Star Staff Member Melissa McLean

Melissa McLean

Melissa McLean

It is with VERY great pleasure I shine a light on Melissa McLean,41, our supercharged Zumba teacher best known for her lithe figure and outrageous outfits. McLean has been working at MBS both as an instructor and caregiver in the nursery for 14 years. She also teaches Senior Fitness, Water Aerobics, Body Sculpt and Stretch classes. Anyone who has taken one of her Zumba classes can attest to the high-level energy she exudes that lifts you up and carries you away from the mundane world into the seductive world of dance. But a few months ago, that energy came to a grinding halt when the mother-of-two suffered a stroke. It was as if the lights went out in her sparkling eyes.

“I knew I wanted to get back into my routine, to move again,” she recalls. “At first I could barely walk. I put one foot in front of the other and my husband had to hold me steady. I had to keep using my brain to tell my body what to do.”

Melissa dug deep into her own training and using the knowledge—and equipment—she relied upon for her senior students, she worked diligently at re-learning the basic skills and movements she needed to survive. To have her back teaching often complicated choreography is a miracle and a blessing.

“I admit I was frightened during my ordeal,” she says. “There were times I wasn’t able to move one side of my body at all. But I want to thank everyone at MBS for believing in me and for sharing their love and support.”


Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes Member of the Month Jodi Eckman

Jodi Eckman

We welcome Jodi, an attractive blond, to our fitness facility. She’s an esthetician for Sisley cosmetics which helps explain her glowing complexion and youthful appearance. “I joined Michael’s because I love the idea of a smaller more personal gym,” she says. “I feel you get better results because there is more ‘hands on’ interaction and support from the staff members and personal trainers.

“I left a bigger gym due to the lack of professional training and older equipment. I love the ambiance at Michael’s and feel right at home even though I am a newbie.” Jodi’s daughters are both involved in the fitness and healthy lifestyle field as well.


Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes Staff Member of the Month Nancy Crane



Nancy has been an important part of the MBS family for 26 years. You can see her either at the front desk or in back, in the nursery, her favorite place to be. The former Connecticut resident heard about Michael’s back home.

“One of the people at my gym up north recommended Michael’s so when I moved down here, I looked him up,” she says. “I joined when my daughter was two years old and now, I bring her daughters with me as I man the front desk or the children’s room.”

Nancy is a jack-of-all trades at MBS. She does data entry for new members of the club and helps with the Silver Sneaker program. Nancy is just as at home planning picnic for our senior members as she is taking care of the children in in the nursery.

“I have seen so many of my kids grow up to become fine young men and women. This will always be a second home to me,” she says.


Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes Outstanding Fitness Professional Kate McKnight

Kate McKnight

I love to see the ear-to-ear smile on Kate’s face as she trains her clients. It’s obvious that the 45-year-old is enjoying what she does. I remember Kate when she was a young mom and member of MBS who delighted in taking classes. Her enthusiasm has translated into her love of training at the same gym she began her Florida fitness journey in 2003.

“I grew up on Long Island and in my freshman year of high school, an aerobics studio opened up in my town,” she recalls. “Coincidentally it was located in the same studio where I took childhood dance classes. I fell in love with fitness and became certified to teach at the age of 16.”

Kate joined Michael’s when her oldest daughter was an infant, and had a second daughter three years later. When they started attending school, Kate decided to update her certifications and became a personal trainer.

“My training philosophy involves mind, body and soul,” the lovely blond says. “My goal is that every client leaves a session feeling better than when they arrived. I teach mindful movement with a strong emphasis on posture and core. I pride myself on establishing a strong personal connection with my clients so they feel free to talk, vent, laugh or just unload. “

Just watching Kate train shows that the connection is mutual. She is intent, but light hearted, dedicated yet understanding.

“I remember watching one of my clients walking down the hallway toward me one day,” she says. “He appeared to be two inches taller than when we started training. The was a most rewarding moment for me!”


Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes All Star Member Paul Piche


Paul Piche

Who knew we had a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer at the gym? Paul Piche is a 75-year-old former RCMP officer who moved from Canada and now lives in Deerfield after finally retiring from his first career after 34 years in 2006 and then his second career working for a security company in 2009.

“I joined Michael’s because I have worked out all my life and found this facility to be a good match for me,” he says. “I love working with the weights and machines and have made many friendships at the gym.  I like the idea that I can stop and chat during my workout because it keeps me motivated to come on a regular basis.”

Although Paul is officially retired, he’s very active as a director for his H.O.A. in Deerfield Beach.

“Sometimes I tell the guys, I need to go to the gym If something important comes up leave me a message,” he quips.

The elite officer served a distinguished career with the RCMP and his voice booms with pride over his decades of dedication to honoring peace and justice. Today, however, he enjoys the camaraderie of his gym mates and is always helpful to those who need a training tip.

“MBS has become like a family to me,” he says. “It’s very clean, the people are friendly and it has a very warm and cozy atmosphere. From the moment I walk in, to the moment I leave, I feel welcomed.”


Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes All Star Member Allyne Cole



This month we feature Allyne Cole, a long time MBS member whose lithe body and flowing blonde hair make her an attractive addition to our membership.

“I’ve been a member for almost 29 years,” the elementary school teacher says. “I started off taking every aerobics class that Michael taught in the old gym in our leg warmers and E.G. Smith slouch socks. Once the new facility opened, I became a spin-aholic and have also enjoyed Fotis’ boxing classes along with my weight training on the floor.”

Allyne says that MBS has been like family to her, a welcome haven when she faced the tragic passing of her mother.

“I was so embraced by fellow members, “she recalls. Allyne went through another challenging period when her beloved son, Seth, joined the Army Reserve and signed up to do a tour in Iraq which turned out to be a dangerous assignment. “Needless to say, that was a tough year for me but thanks goodness once again for my MBS family who supported me and listened to my fears.”

Seth is back home and trained with Fotis to get back into shape before becoming a police officer. He now teaches new recruits and also is a firearms instructor.

“To see Seth training with Fotis was like watching an SNL skit,” Allyne laughs. “The camaraderie and fun were infused into every workout.

“I would recommend MBS for a plethora of reasons. MBS is a community and family oriented facility that invests in its members and often holds fund raising events to contribute to the wellbeing of others. Add to that, we have exceptional and knowledgeable instructors and trainers who are dedicated to  improve both your physical and emotional health in a safe, friendly environment..


Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes Outstanding Fitness Professional Joel Holas



When is a trainer not a trainer? Well, when he is Joel Holas. The intense young man is totally focused on his client and never fails to provide encouragement and a warm smile as he coaxes his often elderly protégés to perform one more rep. His patience is palpable. And his story is uplifting.

“I was born in Grenada, a West Indian island located in the Caribbean,” he says. “I migrated to the U.S. when I was 12 and attended Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.”

After graduation, Holas pursued a career in aviation attending the Delta Connection Academy as a student pilot. But during those years, his passion for health and fitness grew stronger that his love of flying.

“I spent all of my spare time in my local gym,” he recalls. “After the collapse of the economy in 2008, I took time off from school because of finances and also because I wasn’t sure I really wanted to continue flying.”

He became even more intrigued about fitness, in particular the anatomy of the human body and in 2012 became a certified personal trainer. As a trainer, he discovered the “joy and gratitude of working with senior citizens and helping people of all ages improve their strength, balance, stability, coordination and mobility.”

In January 2016, Holas re-enrolled at Broward College to become a physical therapist. That’s when he joined MBS, and we are all delighted to have him on board.

“My philosophy of training is to implement a balance of exercise and healthy nutrition to improve the longevity of mobility and overall health of the body,” he concludes.

By Lynn Allison


Michael’s Body Scenes All-Star Family the Mahfoods

Anton 3
Anton 2


It’s a real honor to profile one of my favorite workout buddies, Margaret Anton, and her amazing family. She represents the ham in a three generational sandwich of devoted members at Michael’s Body Scenes.

Her dad, Ferdinand “Ferdy” Mahfood is 80 years young and has never workout out in a gym before.

“Now he trains with Joel and loves the whole experience,” says Margaret, 54. “Joel is very caring and patient and has helped my father with his balance and strength. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s two years ago and become weak. The family was truly worried about him falling or having an accident. But we’ve seen a tremendous improvement since he started working out. Even his voice is clearer and brighter!”

Margaret’s mother Patricia Mahfood is 78 and has been a member for over five years.

“My mother had four heart stents in a few years and the cardiologist stressed the importance of cardiovascular training. Patty goes to the gym three times a week and trains with Kate. Kate has been very helpful with the type of exercise she needs to help with balance and core strength.”

Margaret says that both her parents love Michael’s atmosphere because of the courtesy and respect they get from all the staff.

Her daughter Lauren, 24, who is studying to be a dietitian, also is a member.

“Due to college and graduate school I have only been able to go to Michael’s during holiday breaks or over summer vacations. But even when I return after months of absence I feel welcomed. Unlike the big chains I have gone to Michael’s is family. They know you by name and they genuinely care about your personal success. You are not just a number and there aren’t any gimmicks.”

Margaret’s cheerful smile can be seen in the many group classes she attends, ranging from Body Sculpting, Pilates to Spinning.

“What sets Michael’s apart is there is something for everyone, at every age level and ability,” she says. “Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 I am even more committed to working out and eating healthy. I feel that the gym keeps me motivated and gives me a positive sense of well being. In going through my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, I started to lose control of who I was and how I could take care of my health. I was encouraged by several trainers at the gym when I was going through chemo and it helped me tremendously.

“I work fulltime at Food For The Poor, which is a nonprofit ministry aiding the poor in 17 countries and Stacy Rosen, one of my favorite instructor/trainers, announced during one or her classes that we were collecting toys for children during the holiday season. Sure enough, the ladies in her class brought in gifts for Food For The Poor!

“Michael’s has an intimate atmosphere and you quickly establish a connection with other members as well as the staff. It’s how lasting friendships and good health are made.”

By Lynn Allison



Michael’s Body Scenes Outstanding Fitness Professional Jennifer Schultz

JenniferSchultz copy

Jennifer Schultz

It’s always a pleasure to profile one of my favorite people! Jennifer Schultz is not only an excellent instructor but a caring and kind human being who hosts an incredible Go Pink! event each year at Michael’s Body Scenes with lots of prizes and surprises to raise awareness for breast cancer and its early detection.

MBS is known for its excellent instructors and trainers and Jennifer is no exception. She is totally devoted to the study and training of the Pilates method and brings her knowledge generously each week to both the Pilates and Barre classes.

“I’ve been teaching Pilates for over 12 years after working in corporate America as a Human Resources Manager,” she says. “When my three children were small, my husband Dan and I decided it would be more beneficial to spend more time at home. Actually it was a selfish move because I loved being around my chillies!”

Jennifer began studying Pilates at that time and fell in love!

“I danced ballet for years and Pilates gave me that fluid feeling of strength, beauty and grace. I became certified through PHI Pilates and the Pilates Institute of America. Later on, I acquired my barre certification with Booty Barre which offers simply the best program.

“My motto is Pilates makes everything better,” she says. “The benefits are numerous:  better flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and posture. Pilates changed my life and I found my vocation.

“I’m always learning so that I can better serve my students. I have my own personal studio at home so I personally practice every day. In addition, I provide YouTube videos that anyone can try for specific needs such as strengthening the lower back, practicing balance or simply stretching out to get limber for the new day.”

Jennifer’s expertise combined with her off-the-wall sense of humor and amazing play lists make every class and worthwhile experience.

By Lynn Allison


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