Michael’s Body Scenes Staff Member of the Month Nancy Crane



Nancy has been an important part of the MBS family for 26 years. You can see her either at the front desk or in back, in the nursery, her favorite place to be. The former Connecticut resident heard about Michael’s back home.

“One of the people at my gym up north recommended Michael’s so when I moved down here, I looked him up,” she says. “I joined when my daughter was two years old and now, I bring her daughters with me as I man the front desk or the children’s room.”

Nancy is a jack-of-all trades at MBS. She does data entry for new members of the club and helps with the Silver Sneaker program. Nancy is just as at home planning picnic for our senior members as she is taking care of the children in in the nursery.

“I have seen so many of my kids grow up to become fine young men and women. This will always be a second home to me,” she says.


Lynn Allison


Here Is A Little Fitness Motivation To Keep You On Track In This New Year

Journal your way into fitness with these tracking tools. You can track an amazing amount of data. They also provide valuable information just for you.

1.Online Fitness Log

Michael's Body Scenes

These help you keep track of what you eat, and then organizes it. They can offer nutrition information on a variety of foods. Also, they track your physical activity and measure your internal measurements like BMI and calories.

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Michael's Body Scenes

This allows you to create goals, track your food, and activity. There’s a free calorie counter and you can get help via an online dietician.

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3.My Fitness Journal

Michael's Body Scenes

With this tracking tool, you can not only track what kind of foods you eat, but see a comprehensive list what you ate during the day. It also lets you know when you have met the recommended daily allowance of nutrients per the RDA chart!

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So Which Is ACTUALLY Better … Sea Salt Or Regular Salt?!

So Which Is ACTUALLY Better ... Sea Salt Or Regular Salt?!

Nutrition wise, the two are largely the same.

However, table salt also has iodine.

Texture is probably the most significant difference between the two types of salts.

Sea salt proponents often boast of  health benefits in the form of additional minerals.

But, nutritionists say the amounts are too small to be of any benefit.


Does Going Green Give You A Sweet Tooth?

Does Going Green Give You A Sweet Tooth?

A recent study published in the Journal of Marketing drew some interesting findings.

Folks who purposely chose to use recyclable bags found themselves filling them with sweets.

Participants were divided into 3 groups who used an imaginary grocery cart.

One group was told to bring their own recyclable bags.

The second group was told to bring their own bags, the type not specified.

Those who chose freely to bring reusable bags tended to buy more sweets.

The researchers felt that seemingly insignificant choices may often later affect our behavior.


These Tips Will SERIOUSLY Help You With Eating Over The Holidays

These Tips Will SERIOUSLY Help You With Eating Over The Holidays

What’s not to love about eating in autumn?  Fall means football and tailgating. Then, Halloween comes and we celebrate all things sweet.   By Thanksgiving, we’re ready for some heavy and hearty food.

Is there anyway to eat healthier?  Let’s take a look.

At tailgating parties, eat from a plate versus buffet style.  Take smaller portions and stop eating when full.  Make sure you have veggies and low fat dip next to the chips and dip.

Thirsty?  Limit your number of hot chocolates and pumpkin spiced lattes.  Remember to use low fat whipped cream. Fall means caramel apples. But, that thick layer of caramel and apples can cost you calories. Consider dipping apple slices in low fat caramel dip instead.

How to prepare for Halloween? Store candy out of sight. Consider chewing a piece of sugarless gum when you crave something sweet. Incorporate fruit in your diet to satisfy your hunger instead of eating a piece of candy at least once a day.

What can you do to make Thanksgiving healthier? When making vegetable dishes, consider what you add. Cream, cheese, butter and bacon add countless calories. Then, there’s dessert. Pumpkin, apple and sweet potato pies are a part of Thanksgiving. Don’t eat the crust and either skip or use low calorie whipped cream. Remember, eat in moderation and try to take a walk before the football game!


[DR OZ] Extending Your Life’s Warranty

Dr. Oz offers 5 ways to adjust your lifestyle to extend your life.

He details how high blood pressure actually affects your body.

Also, how exercising just 30 minutes a day can help your life.

Stress control is also essential.

Dr. Oz details how these changes and a few more can extend your life!


Rosie O’Donnell Sings Signs Of A Heart Attack

Rosie O'Donnell Sings Signs Of A Heart Attack

You may not know that Rosie had a heart attack in 2012.

Symptoms of a heart attack differ in women than they do in men.

In this clip from ABC’s The View, Rosie shares a bit from her show “Heartfelt Stand Up.”

Watch this video and learn the cardiac signs that typically women experience.


This Is What Fitness NOT To Do In The Workplace!

This Is What Fitness NOT To Do In The Workplace!

Not exactly … This video takes workplace fitness to a new and funny level.

You’ll never look at paperwork at the same way again.

These actors and actresses do their best to use everyday office items.

We’re not too sure they are successful!

100 Years Of Fitness In Video!

100 Years Of Fitness In Video!

Here’s a fun video reliving 100 years of fitness in 100 seconds.

Women in the 10’s and 30’s relied on stretches.

While the ’40’s brought out our glamor girls!

From the “trim twist” to zumba, watching this will make you smile and relive some memories!


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