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To all of our Members, families and friends,

The holiday season is upon us.  Are you ready for the food and festivities?

As we celebrate this time of year, it seems we find ourselves indulging in food and drink, which leads us all to bring in the New Year with extra weight to shed. Remember, we encourage you to workout, eat right and make us an extension of your daily routine. Whether you take classes like Yoga, Spinning, Pilates, Barre or Weight Train on the Equipment, or conquer Cardio goals on the stationary bicycle; a well balanced approach is always the best way to achieve the best results.

We recommend you have a diverse program for yourself that incorporates Cardio, Strength Training, and Flexibility Programs. Also, we have found that when you have a workout partner or a trainer, you tend to reach your goals much quicker then going it alone. Speak to one of our membership counselors for a pass to bring a friend or family member. Please remember to keep in touch with us through our social media (Facebook and Instagram), emails and our website for updates and promotions.

Thank You,

Fotis Papamichael

Michael Papamichael

Michael Frank



Scott Downes and Barry Cooper

By Lynn Allison

What an absolute pleasure it is for me to shine the spotlight on two amazing guys at MBS. They share similar traits: both Trainer Scott Downes and Member Barry Cooper are true gentlemen and genuine “nice guys.” They exemplify the caring atmosphere at our family owned Fitness Boutique and Gym and we are honored to have them in our midst. On  a personal note, I also must add that Mollie, my very discerning poodle, idolizes both these guys!






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