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10 Stages You Go Through When You Have Not Run In Ages

Make no mistake. There are stages a person goes through when they decide to run after not running in a L-O-N-G time. Can you relate?

1.The Wakeup Call

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The alarm goes off. You have to convince yourself mentally that you’re investing in yourself because your body is already in pain.

2.Dressing The Part

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You fight to get your workout clothes on because they don’t quite fit like they used to. You’re convinced this counts as exercise.

3.Reality Versus Imagination

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In your imagination, you see yourself as “The Rock” or (fill in the blank here). Then, reality sets in, usually when you start moving.

4.You Start To Run

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Once you start moving, the adrenaline begins to flow. You keep at it. You see yourself as a wild stallion crossing the plains … until…

5.Your Lungs Die

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Okay, not literally. But, it sure feels like it.

6.Walking Sounds Good

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You remember all those articles you read that state walking is better than running. No matter that people are running past you. You’re on your own journey.

7.That Second Wind

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The second wind usually happens around the time your clothes start failing you. Your pants are falling, and your shirt keeps creeping up. But, you persevere.

8.Running Again, Sort of

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Okay, you know realize that you probably would not outrun a zombie …

9.Finally, Cool Down (Read: Pass Out)

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You’re done. You did it. You knew you could. You just completed a … 15-minute run.

 10.Time For Your Reward

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You’ve been dreaming of that cup of coffee and bagel since last night. Maybe tomorrow morning you’ll even remember to run in that direction.

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