Take a trip around the world to discover where some of our world’s healthiest food comes from. You may be surprised at how old they are.


1.We May Grow Many Of These Foods In The U.S., But Only One Originated Here


10. Salmon: Excellent source of potassium, vitamins, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. (North Atlantic / Pacific Ocean)
9. Dark Chocolate: Strong in antioxidants, fiber and nutrients. (South America)
8. Walnut: High in vitamin E, important for a healthy heart. (English: Persia / North America: Black Walnut)
7. Banana: High in potassium and low in fat. (Southeast Asia)
6. Avocado: High in vitamins, nutrients. Contains no sodium or cholesterol. (South Central Mexico)
5. Sweet Potato: Includes a wide variety of vitamins, especially vitamin A and C, and manganese. (Central America or South America)
4. Apple: High in flavonoids, antioxidants and fiber. (Central Asia)
3. Spinach: Excellent source of vitamin K, fiber, protein and a host of other nutrients (Ancient Persia)
2. Almond: Contains a lot of fiber, protein and vitamin E. (Origin: Exact unknown, but believed to be China and Central Asia)
1. Garlic: Valued since ancient times, garlic has a compound called allicin which has medicinal properties. (Origin: Central Asia)

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