Want to make the most of your 2016 workout? Here’s some tips from the world’s best trainers.

1.Work Out In The Right Gear

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Cotton is out and poly blends are in. Why? They wick moisture and regulate body temperature much more efficiently.  Click here to learn more 

2.Technique Over Speed

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Reps don’t mean anything if they are not done properly.  To ensure proper muscle building and to avoid injury, pay attention to form. Make sure you do those final reps as well as you do the first ones. This refers to cardio as well as strengthening exercisesClick here to learn more 

3.Monitor Your Heart Rate In Real Time

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Put on a heart monitor and track your numbers in real time. Determine ahead of time how much aerobic activity you’ll be doing.   Click here to learn more 

4.Stand Up!

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Whenever possible, stand when exercising. This includes while bicycling or during spinning classes.  Click here to learn more 

5.Mix It Up!

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By combining cardio with body sculpting, you’ll develop the body of your dreams more quickly.   Click here to learn more