When we think of New Year resolutions, we rarely think of beyond general changes. Yet, every organ in our body plays a key part in making us healthy. Your kidneys filter your blood and help to get rid of waste products. Read on to see how you can help this vital organ this year.

1. Shake The Salt Habit

It might get a bit of getting used too, but you won’t regret it! First, you may notice a loss of water weight. Who doesn’t love that? Excessive salt use can cause high blood pressure and that can really hurt your kidney function.  Click here to learn more 

2. Lose Weight

Less weight means your kidneys won’t have to work as hard to filter out all the poisons your body accumulates. Your kidneys will appreciate that less pounds means less metabolic demands put upon them.   Click here to learn more 

3. When Was The Last Time Your Kidneys Had A Check Up?

Think about that. Your kidneys are essential to stay alive. Shouldn’t you make sure they are in good shape? It’s so easy. A simple urine and blood test will tell you what you need to know! Click here to learn more 

4. Quit Smoking

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Many people don’t realize that smoking does not just adversely affect the lungs. It hurts your kidneys too! Smoking affects blood flow. That, in turn, affects processing the poisons that your body accumulates. Smoking can also interfere with high blood pressure medicine, and that can hurt your kidney function as well.  Click here to learn more 

5. Take A Stand!

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Studies have indicated that sitting for at least 8 hours a day increases your risk of developing kidney disease. Why not take this one step further? Get up and get out! You can lower blood fat levels as well as your blood pressure.  Click here to learn more