How well did you sleep last night? Lack of sleep has far reaching effects. It not only affects how we feel the next day, but our overall quality of life. Read on to getting a better sleep tonight.

1. No Caffeine After Midday

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Cut out your coffee or tea early. If you must drink, stick to the decaffeinated variety. Always read the labels of your drinks.  Click here to learn more 

2. Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

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Need a drink to calm down at night? Time to change your habits. It will eventually affect your overall health.  Click here to learn more 

3. Write It Down!

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Do you wake up in the middle of the night with worries? Keep a piece of paper by your bed. Get it out of your head and onto paper … then go back to sleep   Click here to learn more 

4. Watch The Medications

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Know what you are ingesting. Both prescription and nonprescription medication not only affects you but can have an effect on each other as well.   Click here to learn more 

5. Be Accountable!

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If you cannot fall asleep, get up and DO something! Complete a small task and go back to bed knowing you accomplished something.  Here’s what Mattress Firm’s President & CEO says about mattress reviews.   Click here to learn more