It’s fall. Our natural rhythms start changing to adapt to less daylight and colder temperatures. Now is not to time to slow down, but take your health to the next level.

1.Soups And Stews

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As the weather cools, our bodies start craving soups and stews. Soups are an excellent choice as long as you stick to meat and vegetables, not cream or cheese. The same goes for stews!

2.Football Season

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Snacking and football season seems to go hand in hand. Switch out more nutritious snacks, such as veggies and a small amount of dip. If you must have chips, don’t bring the entire bag. Take out a handful and leave the rest in the pantry.

3.Turkey Time

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Turkey is a delicious meat. Stick with thin, white portions.

4.Celebrating The Harvest

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Fall is a natural time to enjoy pumpkin and apples. Remember, they do come in another form other than pie. Don’t forget to take advantage of the fall vegetables as well.

5.Time Change

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Our days shorten lessening the opportunities to get outside. Plan evening walks at the mall and make the most of your days off and weekends. Start planning trips to museums and aquariums. Join some fitness classes. With cooler temps outside, enjoy hiking nearby trails and bicycling.

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