Studies have shown that stress can kill. What are some of the silent signs of this killer? Read on to find out.

1. “I Only Get Headaches On The Weekend.”


Did you know that a sudden decrease in stress can trigger headaches? Try to maintain your regular schedule on your days off to minimize the chances of developing these.

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2. “My jaw hurts.”


You may be grinding your teeth while you sleep or inadvertently clenching your jaw. Ask your dentist for a mouth guard or try an over the counter type.  

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3. “I Had A Bad Dream.”


Stress leads to shorter periods of sleep and more nightmares. Aim for 7-8 per night. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as the evening wears on.  

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4. “My Gums Are Bleeding.”


This may seem like a more unusual symptom. But, stress raises cortisol levels. This can weaken your immune system and allow an increase of bacteria to your gums. Practice good oral care.

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5. “I Have Such A Taste For Something Sweet.”


It may not be hormonal. Studies leaned toward stress to be the likely culprit.

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