The holidays are over; and now it’s time to get back into your exercise routine. Let us help get you started back on the road to good health!

1.Stop Wearing Those Sweats Around The House.

Those loose fitting clothes give you less incentive to try to work at looking your best. Click here to learn more 

2.Take A Photo Of Yourself And Tape It To The Fridge

There’s nothing like a quick glance at reality to stop you from snacking. Speaking of snacking, you may want to put a photo on the pantry door as well. Click here to learn more 

3.Goal Setting

It’s great to keep your eye on the big picture, but make sure you set realistic goals.

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4.Keep A Food Journal

Keep a log of everything you put in your mouth. You’ll see patterns … both good and bad. Food journals can really help you track your progress and help you with your meal planning. Click here to learn more 

5. Spread The Word

You’ll find a great support system if you let your friends and family know what you’re trying to accomplish. They are your own private cheering section. Click here to learn more 

6.Get In The Mood To Work Out

Studies show that good tunes lead to a good workout. Tunes increase the level of serotonin which can help to a more productive work out.  Click here to learn more 

7.Develop A Realistic Workout. Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure.

Decide what you want to achieve with your exercise program. Are you looking for strengthening, muscle building or weight loss? Enlist the help of a professional to set up the correct set of exercises.

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