Think cooking scrambled eggs are easy? Think again. It takes some effort and finesse. Here’s the secret to the perfect scrambled eggs.

1.Whisk, Don’t Beat

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Whisking will add the air you need to make your eggs fluffy. Beat vigorously for at least 30 seconds.

2.Don’t Add Veggies Early On

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If you add the veggies while cooking your eggs, you’ll be adding water as well. Saute your veggies first, then drain the excess water before adding your eggs to cook.

3.Remove The Eggs One Minute Before They Look Done

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The residual heat will keep cooking your eggs and leave them dry. Slide your eggs onto a plate when they need about a minute more to cook. By the time, they get to the table; they’ll be perfect!

4.Refrain From Cooking On High

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Eggs are made of protein. High heat disrupts the protein structure, making the eggs tough and dry. Not to mention, the high probability of burning or overcooking them as well.

5.Use A Small Pan

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The larger the pan, the more fat it takes to coat the bottom. Also, the longer it takes to heat. Your eggs will spread out too much making them more susceptible to burning or overcooking. Use the smallest skillet you can.

6.Add Salt Towards The End Of Cooking

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This is a mistake many cooks make. Salt draws out the egg’s moisture. Add salt only when the eggs are nearly cooked.

7.Forgot Adding Liquids

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Water, cream or milk separates from the eggs when heated. So, your eggs will actually become tougher.

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