ACE, one of the leaders in the fitness industry, have come out with the top trends for 2016.

  • Public-Private Partnerships – We’ve already seen it in the insurance industry.
  • Expect more of corporate America help its workers get in shape.
  • Faith – Based Programs – Expect more places of worship to embrace the fitness movement as they tie in God with good health and living life to the fullest.
  • Technology Rules – Technology will help in the fitness industry on more than one level.
  • First, there will be more opportunities to stream exercise programs from your favorite fitness studio.
  • Two, you’ll be able to track your own physiological measurements even more as technology becomes more personalized.
  • Personal Trainers Become Health Coaches – These folks will take a more holistic approach to getting your healthy.
  • Health Experiences Will Become Increasingly Mainstream – It won’t be enough to just settle for a workout! Boutique studios will offer each person an individualized experience.
  • Education Opportunities – An increase in educational workshops will become more accessible to the average consumer.