Records, as early as the 5th century, document the desire to stay young. Science has discovered which foods help our skin to stay healthy.

1.What Kinds Of Things Make Our Skin Age Faster?

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Sagging skin and wrinkles are a part of life. But, some things make our skin age faster. They are:
UV radiation exposure
Poor diet
Science has proved that these food nutrients can help preserve your skin.
Amino Acids
Vitamin C

2.Antioxidants Limit Free Radical Production

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Blueberries and brussels sprouts are rich in antioxidants.

3.Hydration Can’t Be Underestimated

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There’s more you can do than just drink lots of water.
Fish oil is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids strengthen the skin membranes and help retain moisture. Salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel all contain large amounts of fatty acids.

4.Green Tea Has Superpowers

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Green tea not only provides hydration but provides antioxidant protection as well.

5.Don’t Forget To Eat Your Veggies

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Dark leafy green veggies, like spinach, contains vitamin C, antioxidants and many other vitamins and minerals. If you don’t like its taste, consider putting it in a smoothie.

6.Oranges Are Super Fruits

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Full of vitamin C, they not only fight off colds but make your skin look great.

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