Diana Munoz


Diana Munoz

20 Years Of Experience

Place Of Birth: Bogota, Colombia

Sport shoes on a wood floor

Diana started her professional fitness career in Bogota, Colombia 20 years ago. Her training fundamentals are grounded in both Low and High Aerobics, Pilates, Indoor Cycling and Body Sculpting. Diana’s training programs are comprehensive and include not only strength training, that is Client-specific, but also includes balance training, proper alignment and flexibility training as well.

She goes beyond counting sets and reps; Diana focuses on the entire person. Diana’s professionalism and qualifications enables her to focus on getting results for her clients. She believes that fitness, health and wellness is an important lifestyle issue for everyone. Diana’s goal is to assist each individual in achieving their personal best.

Personal Training: American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA)
  • P90 Insanity Program Training Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Training Instructor
  • Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • In-Door Cycling Instructor
  • Advanced Fitness Assessment & Exercise
  • Managing Chronic Disease & Disabilities
  • Fibromyalgia Care & Exercise Strategy
  • Knee Injury Prevention Specialist
  • Nutrition & Disease: Diet, Weight Loss & Long Term Health
  • Stating Healthy With Nutrition
  • Functional Exercise Training
  • Golf Conditioning Specialist
  • ABS On The Ball
  • Group Training
  • Young Adults (Males & Females)
  • Mature Adults (Males & Females)
  • Athletes (Males & Females)

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