Kim Scholtes


Kim Scholtes

26 Years Of Experience

Place Of Birth: New York City

Fitness equipment and healthy food.

Kim believes that… “Personal Training can become a very personal and private relationship between Trainer and Client and a lot more than simply physical goals can be achieved.”

Kim’s fitness journey takes on a “mind and body approach” emphasizing “wellness and “harmony.” Exercise is not only about looking good, but feeling good as well as getting healthier.

She focuses on both functional and circuit training paying close attention to core strengthening while maintaining balance and stability. She also understands that along with strength training comes flexibility. Kim is a certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner. Bodywork is a healing tradition that stretches tight joints and muscles, increases range of motion, boosts the immune system, helps to reduce stress and increase circulation.

Personal Training: American Council On Exercise (ACE)
  • Yoga 200 Rys
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Older Adult Fitness
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Thai Bodywork Practitioner
  • Biomechanics Of Assisted Stretching
  • Young Adults (Males & Females)
  • Mature Adults (Males & Females)
  • Athletes (Males & Females)
  • Children (Males & Females)
  • Special Populations: Autoimmune Disease

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