Tevvy Washington

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Tevvy Washington

Experience: 24+ Years

Place Of Birth: Pompano, FL

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His winning smile and approachable demeanor epitomize this ageless trainer! Beginning at age 6, Tevvy started playing football and concluded at North Carolina A&T State University. His love of sports and all things disciplined led him to play baseball and to run track to improve his football skillset. Tevvy received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Theater while on a football scholarship.

Tevvy’s 24 years in the fitness industry have created a love of fitness in his multitude of success story clients. All age ranges have benefited from Tevvy’s highly effective approach to muscle confusion, point of flexion and good old-fashioned weight training. His emphasis is placed on weights to increase metabolism and on clean nutritional intake to maximize results.

Tevvy’s approach to fitness is moderation in all things: train hard, eat clean and enjoy life without being fanatical. Fitness is fun and he believes anyone can change their body and reach their goals with a “made up mind!” Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, compete in a contest, or increase your health and well-being, he will make your experience pleasant and successful!

One of his favorite quotes is: “food is 90% of the battle, to win the war you must execute the other 10% by training properly!”

Tevvy is happily married for over 15 years to his beautiful fit wife Faith. She is a Pharmacist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who is currently   Vice President of Pharmacy Operations for the Pharmacy Grid. They have a wonderful 11 year old daughter, Teyla Praise, who got the best characteristics of both!

Tevvy is a man of great faith and practices what he preaches, so as you can see he doesn’t appear to age!!

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