Nails are so much more important than for peeling oranges, they can be indicative of major health problems.

While common, there are instances when it can cause infection.

We suggest exercise and other stress management techniques. 

Nails are made of a substance called keratin.

As skin cells die, keratin protein deposits replace the skin and grow into nails.

Yellowing of the nails can have a number of etiologies: fungal infections, diabetes, thyroid problems or lung disease.

If your nails have a bluish hue, there is probably an issue with oxygen.

Think asthma, pneumonia, COPD, or emphysema.

Sometimes, nutritional deficiencies will show themselves in the nails.

Weak nails, pale/white nail beds, or nails that change shape require a visit to the MD.

If you develop dark lines under the nail, head to the MD immediately.

Called acral lentiginous, this melanoma killed Bob Marley.