Scott is retiring this summer after serving as a career fire fighter—over 32 years of service—holding the rank of Paramedic and Captain for the City of Pompano Beach.

“I became involved in fire protection to help children and pets as well as adults because I am committed to protecting those I call ‘the innocents,” says the handsome 59-year- old who is married to another MBS trainer, Kim Sholtes. “I became a personal trainer when the Pompano Beach Fire Department decided 16 years ago to follow a national trend and have some of their personnel certified to reduce the incidents of heart attacks and stroke as well as the musculoskeletal injuries of fire service.”

Scott is also a gifted Thai Massage therapist and also holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. He’s a student of yoga and believes in the importance of flexibility as well as strength which makes him an ideal trainer for those who are already physically active or want to improve their overall performance at any fitness level. As we wish him well in his retirement, we also encourage all members to salute his efforts and contribution to the community at large and especially to our amazing club. He can be reached at

By Lynn Allison


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