When we think of maintaining our health, few people would think of sneezing.

What exactly is a sneeze?

It’s an involuntary release of air from the nose and mouth.

It actually starts in the nerves.

They send a message to your brain that something in your nose needs to come out.

Sneezes are an important part of the immune system.

They travel fast, as fast as 100 miles an hour.

Blocking a sneeze can cause it to be redirected into your ears; and can injure the inner ear’s sensitive tubes.

Folks have ruptured their eardrums or can develop dizziness.

There is a chance you can push infected mucous into inner ear and develop an infection.

Trying to stifle a sneeze can cause eye injuries.

A violent sneeze can rupture weakened blood vessels in the brain.

Can you stop a sneeze?

One suggestion is to press your fingers against your upper lip just as you feel it coming on.

Or, try breathing through our mouth while pinching the end of your nose.

If you can’t stop it, bury your head in your sleeve while facing away from other folks.