It’s the time of the year again that the outside beckons.

Cooler temperatures and the season itself lends itself to greater movement.

Humidity and temperatures ease.

This allows for your longer lengths of time outside.

Then, there is the activities that only fall can bring.

Raking leaves and planting fall mums can keep you busy on a Saturday morning.

Clearing the garden and planting flower bulbs for Spring is good for your muscles as well.

Like to walk?  Take in the nearest forest preserve and crunch some leaves.

Pack a lunch and take a proper hike.

Or, get the bike out of the garage.

If you live in warmer climates, visit the beach and play frisbee or volleyball.

Walking in the sand can provide a good workout as well.

Don’t forget your dog.

It’s cool enough for any dog to go for a walk in the fall.

Live near some lake or river, try canoeing or kayaking.

If those are too adventurous for you, how about a rowboat?

Make sure you wear that life vest!

Do you have kids?  The time is ripe to pick apples.

Or, visit that pumpkin patch!

Searching and picking that favorite pumpkin is sure to get your blood pumping!