There’s a lot of misconceptions about exercise and health out there.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Crunches are not the key to a flatter abdomen.

Why?  They don’t burn large amounts of  abdominal fat.

However, they are a great way to tone your muscles.

Second, sweating a lot does not equate to burning a lot of calories.

Rather, sweat provides a way to cool your body.

Gentle yoga has proven that calories can be burned without the body producing a lot of sweat.

Like to run?  Great!

It’s been proven that running is not bad for your knees.

Rather, you should include some cross training to provide additional strength to surrounding muscles so that you don’t hurt yourself while running.

Do you stretch after running?

Researchers at the University of Miami found that while stretching increases flexibility, it does not help your muscles recover faster.

Finally, even a mere 10 minutes of vigorous walking 3 times a day can bolster your heart health.