Fitness tests are also referred to as fitness evaluations or assessments.

They measure the health and physical fitness of a person.

Standards differ, depending on who is administering the test.

They are important for many reasons.

First, they give an idea of your current health and / or fitness levels.

This often includes current or past injuries, limitations or health risks.

Fitness tests do a great job in helping identify fitness goals.

The tests also determine methods used to track progress and evaluate success.

So, what’s involved in a fitness test?

First, a thorough health history and medical exam is essential.

Body composition is a different item measured.

This can include the body mass index, skinfold measurements, and body fat analysis.

Cardiovascular endurance measures how well the heart and lungs function.

Strength and muscle endurance are also tested; as is flexibility.

These tests are often the starting point in creating an appropriate fitness program.