So many activities sound like fun, until you find yourself in the emergency room.

What activities cause the most ER visits?

ATV accidents account for an ever increasing amount of injuries.

Unfortunately, many of these are children who are being allowed to ride these adult size vehicles.

Helmets should always be worn.

Next on the list are softball/baseball teams.

Whether hurt by equipment or strains/sprains, a lot of ball players find themselves making a visit to the ER.

With the cooler weather, comes football.

Weekend warriors can suffer serious breaks and concussions.

Believe it or not, pickup games of basketball also cause a lot of visits to ER departments.

Bad landings and/or hard physical contact often cause injuries requiring medical care.

However, bicycling causes the most visits to the emergency room.

Speed and falls can cause anything from road rash to breaks to traumatic head injuries,

Everyone, whether child or adult, should always wear a helmet.