Whether they begin subtly or quickly, headaches can make you feel like your head is held in a vice.

There are different causes for this pain, some easier to diagnose than others.

They are common and costly.

It’s thought that headaches cost 160 lost work days and approximately 30 billion dollars in medical expenses annually.

Let’s first talk triggers.

Avoid foods that can set off a headache and for tension headaches, seriously consider stress management measures.

Some folks find acupuncture a successful measure to counteract their headaches. 

Relaxation techniques, such as biofeedback have also found success for some patients.

As for medication, there are acute medications that treat a headache once it begins.

For those that suffer frequent headaches, preventative medications may be more appropriate.

Aspirin and ibuprofen are common oral medications. Sometimes, nasal sprays are also effective.