It’s breakfast time and you’re not sure what to eat.

Although almonds are an excellent source of protein, moderation is key here.

One half cup of almonds is 410 calories.

Consider an avocado or quinoa instead.

Granola also has a lot of sugar. Consider oatmeal.

Do you like chocolate milk?

Watch the chocolate: An eight ounce glass of 2% chocolate milk has 192 calories!

Choose your snacks carefully.

One ounce of peanuts is 165 calories, that’s more than one ounce of cheese puffs or trail mix.

Enjoy a drink once in a while?

An eight ounce glass of red wine has 200 calories, while an equal amount of beer has only 117.

Like corn? One cup has of these sweet kernels has 180 calories!

Do you enjoy snacking on fruit?

You may be surprised to know that mangoes pack twice as much calories as watermelon or cantaloupe for the same amount.

What do you drink to re-energize yourself?

Watch the energy drinks! Due to the large amount of sugar, these can be more caloric than espresso or a sports drink.