Heather Berg-YOGAHeather has been an MBS member for years before formalizing her yoga training. The attractive brunette from New Rochelle, New York, always loved the way yoga made her feel inside and out and endeavors to make sure each and every student in her heavily attended classes experiences that bliss.

She received her E-RYT 200 (experienced yoga teacher) certification through Yoga Journey and teaches the more active Vinyasa or flow classes at MBS as well as the more restorative Yin style.

“I encourage my students to let their lives reflect their practice as one of my favorite teachers, Elena Brower, has said,” she explains. “The true benefit of yoga is when we can apply the principles of mindfulness and breathe work off the mat.

“I invite everyone who comes to my class to discover what THEIR bodies can do. I teach all levels and can modify and articulate cues for the yogi coming to the mat for the first time as well as the more experienced practitioner. Everyone feels a shift of awareness.”