Andrea Karsch


A familiar figure at the gym is the lovely Andrea Weisberg Karsch whose ear-to-ear smile never fades. Andrea, 59, has been an MBS member for over 16 years and participates in Spin classes, Vinyasa and Yin yoga and the occasional weight training class.

“I prefer to do my weight work on the gym floor,” she says. “I also frequently do the elliptical for cardio and sometimes the Versaclimber for variety. I love the ambiance at this gym because it’s a little smaller than the big chain facilities and people are very friendly. They aren’t ‘meatheads’ or pretentious.”

Andrea says she’s made several close personal friends from her interactions with other gym members and finds that the overall atmosphere encourages interpersonal relationships.

“The personal trainers at the gym, for example, will often step in and correct my form and I am so grateful for that!” she explains. “Tevvy Washington is always a happy figure on the gym floor and I look forward to seeing him and enjoying the banter.”

Andrea has been training with Beth Sigel for a year and is pleased with her results.

“I can not praise her highly enough. She’s knowledgeable, focused and totally invested in her clients. She’s one of the reasons I would totally recommend this gym because exemplifies the excellence and exceptional talent of the staff.”


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