One of the true gems at MBS is our front desk Assistant Manager Friday, Sabrina Sasson. Her radiant smile and efficient demeanor have gained her a fan club of members who bring her cookies, gifts and flowers just to show how much she is appreciated.

“MBS has been my second home for eight years,” she says. “I truly enjoy my gym family—both members and staff. I am aware that I am the first impression when people walk into our doors so I try make sure that everyone is acknowledged by either a smile or even a ‘hi, how are you?’

“This job has taught me to pay attention to the little things, the details that make members happy because I remembered their dog’s name or their doctor’s appointment,” Sasson says. “I’ve learned to be patient because everyone has a tough day and maybe if they are down, they just need someone to listen.”

Besides manning the front desk, she helps with sales, retail, payroll and other timely tasks of running a highly popular gym. Sabrina is passionate about animals and volunteers at Tri-County Animal Rescue during her (very limited) time off. She adores her two fur babies, Candii and Crash.

“I think that the most rewarding part of my job is encouraging people to improve their health by joining the gym,” she says. “I love my work and when people make that important decision to take control of their well-being and become a member, they then become part of our family.”


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