Eileen Clark

One of the brightest stars on the Michael’s Boutique Fitness Facility horizon is the vivacious Eileen Miller Clark. Whether she’s battling with Brett or zooming in Zumba, Eileen, 57, is full of energy.

“I joined the gym initially in1996,” says the retired employee of American Airlines. “I was doing Michael’s extreme cardio class, Abbie’s step class and Dotty’s body sculpting class. The next year I got hurt while flying during clear air turbulence and really messed up my neck so exercise went on the back burner.”

Clark kept her membership active, however, and when she and her husband Jeff, also 57, returned from a four year move to Denver, she immediately rejoined.

“I was still having issues with my neck so I only did yoga and Pilates,” she recalls. “When I retired from American I started to train with Fotis who really worked miracles with me and got me into shape so I can now do all the classes.”

Jeff, her husband, sticks to spinning but the couple walks together regularly.

“I’ve was hooked on Michael’s right after my first class,” she says. “What I love about the gym is the family atmosphere and excellent instructors. Since I love doing group classes and only work out on the machines when I’m forced into it (!) I appreciate the wide variety offered.

“I’ve made a lot of friends at the gym because it’s very down-to earth and not the least bit pretentious. However the owners are always on the cutting edge of the fitness industry and make sure that the classes and the equipment are at par with the best in the business.”



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