Kate McKnight

I love to see the ear-to-ear smile on Kate’s face as she trains her clients. It’s obvious that the 45-year-old is enjoying what she does. I remember Kate when she was a young mom and member of MBS who delighted in taking classes. Her enthusiasm has translated into her love of training at the same gym she began her Florida fitness journey in 2003.

“I grew up on Long Island and in my freshman year of high school, an aerobics studio opened up in my town,” she recalls. “Coincidentally it was located in the same studio where I took childhood dance classes. I fell in love with fitness and became certified to teach at the age of 16.”

Kate joined Michael’s when her oldest daughter was an infant, and had a second daughter three years later. When they started attending school, Kate decided to update her certifications and became a personal trainer.

“My training philosophy involves mind, body and soul,” the lovely blond says. “My goal is that every client leaves a session feeling better than when they arrived. I teach mindful movement with a strong emphasis on posture and core. I pride myself on establishing a strong personal connection with my clients so they feel free to talk, vent, laugh or just unload. “

Just watching Kate train shows that the connection is mutual. She is intent, but light hearted, dedicated yet understanding.

“I remember watching one of my clients walking down the hallway toward me one day,” she says. “He appeared to be two inches taller than when we started training. The was a most rewarding moment for me!”


Lynn Allison

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