Melissa McLean

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It is with VERY great pleasure I shine a light on Melissa McLean,41, our supercharged Zumba teacher best known for her lithe figure and outrageous outfits. McLean has been working at MBS both as an instructor and caregiver in the nursery for 14 years. She also teaches Senior Fitness, Water Aerobics, Body Sculpt and Stretch classes. Anyone who has taken one of her Zumba classes can attest to the high-level energy she exudes that lifts you up and carries you away from the mundane world into the seductive world of dance. But a few months ago, that energy came to a grinding halt when the mother-of-two suffered a stroke. It was as if the lights went out in her sparkling eyes.

“I knew I wanted to get back into my routine, to move again,” she recalls. “At first I could barely walk. I put one foot in front of the other and my husband had to hold me steady. I had to keep using my brain to tell my body what to do.”

Melissa dug deep into her own training and using the knowledge—and equipment—she relied upon for her senior students, she worked diligently at re-learning the basic skills and movements she needed to survive. To have her back teaching often complicated choreography is a miracle and a blessing.

“I admit I was frightened during my ordeal,” she says. “There were times I wasn’t able to move one side of my body at all. But I want to thank everyone at MBS for believing in me and for sharing their love and support.”


Lynn Allison

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