Routines may be the core of life.

But sometimes, it’s great to shake up them up, especially in view of fitness.

Here are some fun ideas to mix things up!

Consider trying something at the gym you’ve never used before. (Make sure you ask a trainer for directions if you’re not sure how to use the equipment.)

While you’re at the gym, try a couple more reps of your usual exercise routine.

This subtle change can be quite helpful.

As you go about your day, try to always take the stairs whenever possible and park your car farther away from stores so that you add extra steps wherever you go.

Go to bed a half of hour early on days that you find yourself most active.

Sleep is truly rejuvenating.

Jumpstart your day!

Try to dance to at least 3 songs first thing in the morning.

That will get your blood pumping and is certain to put a jump in the step.

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