Did you know more folks die from excessive heat related conditions than tornadoes, floods, lightning and hurricanes combined?

Know what the symptoms of heat related illness.

They may save your life or the life of someone you know.

1.Almost everyone has experienced sunburn. The skin becomes reddened and sometimes blistered; sunburn can also cause you to develop a fever and/or headache. Apply ointment to reddened skin. Cover unbroken blisters with a dry, sterile dressing. See a doctor for more serious symptoms.

2.Heat cramps may also occur in the legs or abdomen. Apply gentle pressure to the affected area and try to drink small sips of water if no nausea is present.

3.Heat exhaustion is even more serious. You may feel weak, cold, clammy and be experiencing heavy sweating. Get out of the sun immediately. Lie down, loosen your clothing and apply cool clothes. If nausea develops or symptoms do not get better, seek immediate medical attention.

4. Heat stroke (sunstroke) is an extremely serious condition whereby your body temperature can soar to 106. The skin can feel hot and dry and unconsciousness can occur. Medical treatment must be sought in these cases.