Make no mistake, pilates was inspired, in part, by yoga. But, yoga works on broad muscle groups, while pilates focuses on the core muscles. If you like a structured workout that you are committed to do on a regular basis, pilates may be for you. Yoga offers a variety of exercise programs, from gentle to challenging. These exercises, offer, in part, balance, endurance and spirituality. Both offer flexibility, strength training and and a chance to relieve some of your stress. Michael’s Body Scenes can help you decide which program, or a combination of programs, is best for you.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a very common term these days. But, do you know what it means? Yoga is a Hindu word (Yuj) meaning “to unify.” It refers to uniting the mind-spirit-body.  Achieving this through a series of movement, breathing and meditation, both your mind and body can achieve total peace and relaxation. You’re never too old to learn yoga. Movements are manipulated to help the newest and oldest of folks. At Michael’s Body Scenes, we take special care of our clients. Call us today. We have the perfect program for you!