Why do we crave sugar? It’s all in our head.

1.When Your Brain Meets Sugar

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Sugar fuels every cell in your body. In your brain, sugar is viewed as a reward. If you eat it too often, you reinforce that reward. It becomes a habit that can be tough to break.

2.Simple Carbs

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Candy bars contain simple carbohydrates. They quickly turn into glucose in the bloodstream and your blood sugar levels spike. Foods, such as soda, candy, table sugar and syrup, also spike sugar levels. Dairy products, vegetables and fruits also contain simple carbs. But, these foods also contain fiber and protein that slow down the process.

3.When Your Sugar Drops

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As your sugar levels spike in your blood, your body is trying hard to remove it into the cells for energy. It needs insulin, produced by the pancreas to do this. The rapid change in blood sugar can make you feel tired. The body’s natural response is to look for more sugar.

4.There’s A Reason You Crave Chips And Fries

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These foods are full of starches which contain complex carbohydrates. They can also make your blood sugar spike and crash. Keep white bread, pretzels, pasta and crackers at a minimum.

5.Artificial Sweeteners Are Not The Answer

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Not only do many artificial sweeteners contain many chemicals, they may lead you to crave more sugar.

6.Here’s Why Sugar Detox Diets Don’t Work

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To go cold turkey and avoid all sweets: dairy, fruit, refined grains, candy, and cookies is too drastic of a change. Although, it may sound like a great idea to purge your body of all sweets, in reality, it’s too hard to keep up.

7.Try To Retrain Your Taste Buds

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It may be hard to believe but you don’t need all that sugar. You can retrain your taste buds by cutting out one sweet food once a week. Substitute protein instead. When you do crave sugar, reach for a piece of fruit. Over time, your tastes will change.

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