Trying to lose weight? Think twice about eating these foods. Of course, moderation is key. But, it’s better to avoid a lot of these foods altogether


1.How Many Of These Foods Do You Eat?


  1. Veggie Burgers: Meat-free does not mean healthy. Check the ingredients. Many veggie burgers contain fillers and chemicals to help them look like regular burgers.


  1. Sport Drinks: Although these are marketed to everyone, they only serve those athletes that need the high amount of calories these drinks include. There is very little science behind these drinks.


  1. Bran Muffins: Check the ingredients. Many of these muffins carry as much sugar and fat as a donut.


  1. Smoothies: The best smoothies are the ones that you make yourself because you control the ingredients. Many contain a lot of sugar and are high in calories.


  1. Dried Fruit: Dried or even dehydrated fruit are often full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.


  1. Fat-Free Products: Fat-free does not mean calorie free. These products are often highly processed and contain a lot of sugar to add flavor.


  1. Energy Bars: Often described as “glorified candy bars,” they contain significant amounts of sugar, white flour and saturated fat.


  1. Cereal/Granola: Always read the labels. These foods are often high in sugars and carbs. Often, cereals marketed as healthy carry more calories than regular cereal.


  1. Skim/Low Fat Milk: Although advertised as healthy, these kinds of milk often contain powdered milk and are high in cholesterol. Additionally, they lack vitamins: A, D, E, and K which are crucial for our bodies.


  1. Diet Soda: There are no health benefits to this drink. Furthermore, they include additives, dyes, and chemicals.


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