Do you think you’re taking the best care of yourself? Well, think again. That healthy food you may be buying may be sapping your energy.

1.Fat-Free Flavored Yogurt

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Fat-free yogurt, even those of the organic variety, does not mean healthy. In fact, many contain large amounts of sugar … even more than candy bars.

Consider Greek Yogurt and add your own berries.

2.Red Wine

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Wine, before bedtime, is both dehydrating and mess with your sleep cycle. Don’t drink any wine within 2-3 hours of going to bed.

3.Fruit Smoothies

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Store bought fruit smoothies often have huge amounts of sugar and protein or fiber. Make your own homemade smoothies.

4.Energy Bars

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These bars often have a lot of sweeteners that can fluctuate energy levels. The amount of sugar and calories do not outweigh the vitamins and minerals unless you perform high-intensity workouts. Energy bars are not a snack food. Instead, make your own from real food.


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To stay awake during the day, you have to sleep well at night. That means no coffee at least 6 hours before you go to sleep.

6.Veggie Chips

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These chips are the epitome of processed food. Made from refined carbs, they are salty and full of chemicals. Instead, make your own veggie chips or fries from sweet potatoes or kale.


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While plain oatmeal is an excellent source of energy, instant oatmeal has a lot of added sugars and chemicals. Instead, make plain oatmeal and add chopped nuts or fresh berries.

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