Don’t be fooled by advertisements. These 5 foods are touted to be healthy but when you take a closer look, you’ll see what they’re missing.

1.Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil contains saturated fat. There’s not much evidence that shows it’s different than any other type of saturated fat. Olive oil is of more benefit for your heart health. If you still want to use coconut oil, consider alternating it with olive oil.


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Kombucha is a type of fermented black or green tea. Recipes differ per brand, but nearly all contain some amount of refined sugar. On the plus side, kombucha is fermented which promotes gut health. Consider getting healthy probiotics from food such as plain yogurt, raw sauerkraut or tempeh.

3.Almond Milk

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Almond milk is low in calories and dairy-free. Unsweetened almond milk is also a good source of calcium and vitamin D. But, it’s really low in protein. So, make sure you supplement protein in other ways. Be aware that many almond milks contain the thickener carrageenan which has been linked to inflammation and gut irritation & hemorrhoids.

4.Green Juice

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Store bought green juice is full of great nutrients when made with kale and spinach. But, add a lot of fruit for sweetness, adding a lot of sugars. Many times, these green juices do not contain fiber. Consider making your smoothie so you can control exactly what you’re putting in your body.

5.Gluten-Free Bread

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Gluten-free bread is not automatically healthier than a good loaf of whole wheat. Many gluten free bread is made from starches and refined flours. Many include additional sugars and fat to achieve a bread-like texture. Make sure your bread is made from whole grains, high in fiber, and low in sugar.

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