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In the U.S., a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that over 40 million people suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorder.

Another 20 million people experience occasional sleep problems.

Why? Scientists believe that such beverages as energy drinks and coffee, alarm clocks and external lights upset our “circadian rhythm”.

This rhythm is known as our natural sleep/wake cycle.

The optimal amount of sleep a person needs varies from person to person.

However, for a healthy adult person, it’s believed to be approximately 8 hours a night.

Research has been looking into the role of breathing in helping folks get to sleep.

Based on an ancient Indian practice of regulating one’s breath, it’s believed to serve as a natural tranquilizer for the body.

Try this exercise the next time you can’t sleep.

1. Making a whoosh sound, exhale completely through your mouth.

2. Counting to four, close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose.

3. Hold your breath while counting to seven.

4. Again, making a whoosh sound, exhale through your mouth to a count of eight.

5. Repeat this cycle three more times.