When you have to go …  GO! Don’t get in the habit of holding your urine.

1. Trust Us, You Don’t Want To Weaken Your Bladder Muscles.

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That’s exactly what will happen if you routinely retain your urine. Urinary retention and an increased chance of developing infections can be the end result.  Click here to learn more 

2. How Much Urine Does An Adult Bladder Hold?

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Your bladder will hold about 2 cups of urine. At that point, your bladder muscles will seal shut (hopefully). Your brain is also “signaled” that you have to find a bathroom! Click here to learn more 

3. Oh No! It’s An Exploding Bladder!

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It’s rare, but real. When the bladder bursts, urine pours into the abdomen. It’s very painful and very dangerous. Fortunately, you’re more likely to pee on yourself before this happens! Click here to learn more 

4. Want To Learn More?

This video will tell you everything you wanted to know (and then some) about holding your pee! Click here to learn more