It’s no secret many Americans love tattoos.

In fact, approximately 23% of the population have them!

Whether for cosmetic or religious reasons, more and more people love putting on color.

But, can they really be of benefit medically?

Absolutely!  Around 2012, there was an increase in folks getting tattoos instead of medic alert bracelets.

Severely, unstable diabetics as well as some Alzheimer’s patients found them a great source of comfort.

However, you should know that the medical profession is not legally bound to follow the information as noted on a tattoo.

Also, medical conditions can change, but tattoos are permanent. Tattoos have long been used in cancer radiation therapy.

A tattoo, the size of a freckle, is utilized to mark the exact point to target the radiation rays.

Beyond radiation, tattoos are becoming more popular post mastectomy surgery.

Areolas are sometimes tattooed on the effected area.