“Michael’s is the best gym in Boca, hands down! The equipment is well kept, the staff is friendly, and their trainers will help you get in the best shape of your life. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.”

Steve K.

“Best spinning class ever!! Best trainer… Always full of inspiration.. Just when you think I can’t climb another hill.. He assures you with a great song and much encouragement that you can. Turns out Fotis never fails his cycling students!! Thank you for always making the hour worth it!!”

Heather Spielman Borgioli

“This is a FANTASTIC marketing email- I HOPE people get the difference, listing it on a blackboard is genius! The classes you offer are THE BEST and when I make it there 2-3 days a week I feel like I get the biggest bargain in town!! 😉 I bug my friends to join all the time. Personal favorites are Meryl on Sunday’s (the old Steve’s step class time slot) and Crystal on Monday’s! And Michelle when my knees can take it. (ugh)

Thanks Michael P. for being my favorite/only place to workout since 1988! (boy I feel old) 🙁

Christine D.

“Most importantly thank you and your staff for everything. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member for the pat 18+ months. The Spinning has been a great experience and the friends I have made have all been wonderful.

Thanks for always being a friendly face, I hope to see you soon.”

Bruce H.

“I am so happy to hear that Michaels is in the Health/Fitness lead for the Best Of Boca-because you are and I have nothing but the highest praise! Everyone associated with the gym is personable and professional and I’ve made wonderful, dear friends with my yoga buddies. It’s more than a gym. It feels like an extended family, especially since I’m there at least six days a week. Over seven years ago I started at Michaels through the Silver Sneakers program with Lydia. She was very instrumental in ‘graduating’ me to yoga and ultimately to Leslie and her wonderful teaching of yoga, which goes way beyond the physical.”

Sandra Imperatore

“I had no doubt when I became one of the first members that you’d be the best! I’ve been long gone and in another state but love to hear you continue to succeed! Well done!”

Orealys Hernandez

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving me the chance to work here. I don’t think I would have found the nerve to change my career path if I hadn’t started here.

Michael’s Body Scenes is truly the little gym that could. For that reason, I’d like to acknowledge MBS in my book that I’ve already started researching. Although I am currently working on my master’s thesis, I fully intend to complete this book that will combine my knowledge of psychology and exercise. Meanwhile, I will continue working with the few clients I have left here.

Once again, the pleasure was all mine.

Live the dream”

Kenric Lai

“I have moved to Austin, Texas. I would like to let you know how happy I was to be a member of Michael’s Body Scenes. The Staff is friendly and compassionate. I particularly want to thank Allan for the 6 am Spinning and Leslie for her wonderful yoga class. For all you yogis stay focused!

Again Thanks so much”

Annick S.

“Thank you for a wonderful 16/17 months of aerobic endurance. I appreciate the warmth and friendliness of your gym. However, I am terminating my membership – nothing personal, but I have moved to New York. I would be happy to recommend your gym to any individuals moving to the Boca Raton area and looking for a gym membership.

Once again, thank you”

Stephen G.

“I have been spinning for over 5 years in the Metropolitan area. When relocating to Florida, it was very important to me to find a gym that had exceptional spin classes. After visiting quite a few gyms, I chose Michael’s Body Scenes. All of the spin instructors execute a great spin workout. At this time, I would like to commend your Wednesday morning spin instructor, Amy, on giving one of the best spin classes that I have attended in the area.

Keep up the Great Spin Instruction!”

Danielle F.

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