It has been long surmised that exercise makes us feel better. As science has progressed, so has our understanding. It’s true. Exercise boosts many different parts of the brain, no matter the age.

1.This Is Your Brain On … Exercise

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They’re good arguments for why physical education should be a part of school curriculum. This is what exercise does for our kids:

  • Just 10 minutes of exercise increased teenagers’ attention and concentration.
  • Studies show exercise is essential for the brain’s development, especially for younger children.
  • Activity reduced symptoms of ADHD.

For adults, studies have demonstrated that:

  • Those with psychiatric disorders demonstrate improved mood and a decrease in anxiety when they practiced yoga or walked for 1 hour 3 times a week.
  • Higher heart and overall cardiovascular fitness led to better reaction time and verbal memory.
  • In people, 65 and older who regularly exercised were less likely to decline cognitively.

So, what exactly happens in our brain when we workout?

  • The temporal lobe is more active. This part of the brain is responsible for sensory memories.
  • The pituitary gland releases endorphins. We start feeling better mentally.
  • Impairment of brain cells and loss of coordination, symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, are reduced.
  • In adults, the chemical for maintaining and regenerating nerve cells increase.

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