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These Cutting Edge Bicycles Will Shock You

Some students in China came up with a great way to burn calories and get your wash done.

1.The BiWa, Or Bike Washing Machine

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Image Credit: offthegridquest.com

Meshing chores with a desire for exercise, this machine kills two birds with one stone. Note the front “wheel.” It’s actually a clothing drum. Excess energy that’s created by burning off calories powers a display screen that tells you the wash cycle’s progress. Furthermore, you can “bank” excess energy for future uses. This is a great invention for students on a budget or a money minded family (who have a lot of energetic kids.)

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2.Perfect For The Urban Rider

Michael's body Scenes

Image credit: LongBeachize

This bicycle rides like a regular one, but it folds, bends and twists, making storage and parking a lot easier. It was created by Kevin Scott of Great Britain. At the time, he was a final year design student at DeMontfort University in Leicester.

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3.Meanwhile, Students At The University of Southampton, England, Have Been Busy As Well

These students created an amphibious cycle. It’s powered on water by a paddle wheel. It’s GPS tracking measures speed and distance.

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