It’s a fact. Many diseases originate through our lifestyle choices.

Here’s some tips on how changing a few items can make a world of healthy difference.

B & B

Beans have been tied to longevity in many cultures.

Keeping some in the fridge to sprinkle on a dish is a great addition to any meal.

Berries have been known to protect against cancer, boost immune function and protect the liver and brain.

Blackberries and blueberries are particularly healthy.


… and to a lesser degree, broccoli and kale, all guard against cancer.


Greens have long been known to help our bodies.

They have the highest nutrition per calorie.

Just eating an extra serving per day helps protect our body against heart disease.


This is a miracle food that has unique nutrients that slow cell death.


Easy to sprinkle on top of our foods, flax seeds contain a cancer prevention compound.


This bright colored spice plays a role in cancer prevention as well as providing protection to the brain and lung.


Both green and white tea can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat.