There sure are a lot of snacks out there. But, most are filled with sugar and salt. Here’s some “muscle friendly” ones.

  • Protein bars: Pick ones that are low in sugar and high in fiber / protein.
  • Terra Chips: A great replacement for Lays or Doritos. Make sure any chips you pick are filled with real veggies. Many are gluten free and do not use artificial coloring as well.
  • Perky Jerky: Comes in both beef and turkey mixes.
  • Protein pudding: Many of these boast of being sugar free. The whey protein flavor may take a bit to get used to.
  • Almonds: Almonds provide a tremendous boost to the body. Many come flavored.
  • Rice Cakes: A familiar favorite of both professional and novice athletes.

There are plenty of natural foods that can help you build muscle too!