In summer, television stations tend to run reruns.

Why?  We spend more time outside or on vacations.

But once summer ends, we return to our sets.

After all, there are football and hockey games to cheer.

New series premiers and the return of our old favorites are waiting for us as well.

What’s a person to do?  Use your excitement to get fit!

Develop an exercise program that can be easily done in front of your TV.

Get help from a professional trainer if you need to.  

Exercise does not have to hurt or be complicated to be effective.

Running in place or on a treadmill can make a difference.

Or, do push ups and sit ups during commercials.

You can even lift weights.  What are the benefits?  

First, you will be setting aside a regular time to exercise.

Second, the distraction your favorite shows offer may make the exercise easier.