Every veteran has a different story.

Paralyzed or loss of limb from an explosive device.

Blinded by an IED.

Traumatic brain injury from a fall from a building.

Many of these heroes have one thing in common.

They refuse to give up, and celebrate their life by cycling.

With modern technologies, bicycles can be modified to service the most wounded veteran.

The Ride 2 Recovery program will provide an adaptive bike to any wounded warrior that wants one.

Bicycles have been modified for quadriplegics, double amputees, and burn victims with no fingers.

These bicycles may have hand cranks or be pedal recumbent.

For those that are blind, specially modified tandem bikes are built.

These folks just don’t ride around the block.

Many compete in marathons.

They can do anything the able bodied can do, just in a different way!